8 Tips to Lower Your Cell Phone Bill

Cell phones have become the norm for most people, young and old, worldwide. Not only are cell phones a convenience, but they’ve also become necessary for most people these days. Unfortunately, with convenience comes expense, however.

Your monthly cell phone bill is probably one of the most expensive regular payments you make. The average monthly bill is reported to be around $157 - that’s high! When you’re trying to save money and meet financial goals, paying a costly bill is the last thing you want. So, we’ve gathered 8 tips to lower your cell phone bill.

1. Don’t Pay for Insurance

Cell carriers love to sell you insurance on your phone. Pay an extra $10 a month and you can get a replacement phone at little to no extra cost in case you drop and break it. The problem is, that $10 adds up to $120 per year and most likely you’ll never use it. If you’re concerned about your phone breaking, consider setting some money aside as you can to go towards purchasing a new one when needed. Also, invest in a high-quality cover to protect it from water or falls.

2. Check for Employer Discounts

A lot of companies are signed up with cell carriers to offer their employees discounts - definitely something to check for. If they aren’t signed up, you may also consider asking your company if they offer discounts or reimbursements directly for your phone bill if you use it for work in any capacity.

3. Use Wi-Fi

Save on the pricey data plan, or cut your chances of paying for data overages, and keep an eye out for Wi-Fi access you can use instead. Most businesses and restaurants these days offer free Wi-Fi for you to use.

4. Don’t Buy a New Phone

With cell phones constantly being developed and improved upon, it’s incredibly tempting to upgrade your phone on a regular basis. The best thing you can do is resist. When you pay off your phone, enjoy the extra $15-$30 you’ll save on your cell phone bill. While new phones have new features, chances are your phone isn’t too much different and handles most of the functions you require already.

5. Visit Your Local Store

This is one of those times that going to the physical store location instead of just communicating with customer service over the phone can be helpful. When you’re looking for additional discounts, savings, or to change your plan it’s helpful to speak with a salesperson. They can often waive fees and even help you navigate communications with customer service representatives.

6. Stop Paying for Extras

Instead of paying for enhanced voicemail, caller tunes, or roadside assistance, save your money. Extra features, while nice, add up and aren’t necessary.

7. Pay As You Go

Pay as you go is a great option to save money. When you’re not locked into a monthly bill, you can choose to only pay for the service you want, when you want it. There are a lot of options for pay as you go phones these days, all with different pricing and features. Some of the main ones you may want to check into are:

  • Tracfone
  • Straight Talk
  • Walmart Family Mobile
  • Cricket

8. Purchase Unlocked, Used Phones

Instead of financing the latest in cell phone developments on your monthly bill, consider purchasing a gently used unlocked phone on Ebay or Amazon. You can use your current sim card and will end up paying a lot less by doing this. You’ll feel a lot better when you have a newer phone, but not the big price ticket that comes along with it. Yes, the phone may not be the latest and greatest, but that’s ok.

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