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Home Sharing Service

Raising a child as a single mother takes a great amount of strength, drive, balance, and support.   Living on a single income poses many difficulties when it comes to providing for your family and paying the bills.  It also comes with the fear that if one’s job is lost there is no other source of income.  With limited funds, finding appropriate childcare can be tricky and adhering to a full-time work schedule may also be difficult.  For those raising children on their own, camaraderie with someone facing similar challenges can be a huge support both financially and emotionally.  The founders of CoAbode saw the immense benefits of this companionship and created a pioneering tool for single mothers.

A Meaningful Connection

CoAbode takes social media to another level by bringing awareness to an issue that over 8 million single mothers in the U.S. are challenged with every day.  CoAbode provides single mothers the ability to connect with others in their area and allows them to make arrangements to live together.  The companies idea is founded on the principle that two single mothers can combine their resources to achieve more for themselves and their families.  Home Sharing allows for single mothers and their children to afford better housing in more desirable areas.  Living with another single mother can also help lessen the strains of parenting, affording childcare, and other challenges one faces raising a child alone.  Simply, sharing the responsibility of a home with someone who can relate to your struggles can provide great solace and help combat loneliness. 

How CoAbode Can Help You

It is completely free to join the CoAbode network.  Once you have signed up you will fill out a questionnaire to build your personal profile and show others what you are looking for in a house sharing partner.  At this point, you can begin searching for a partner in your area.  With access to the largest group of potentially compatible single mom partners anywhere on the planet, you are sure to find the right match for your housing needs in no time.

Additional Benefits

Signing up for CoAbode comes with other benefits such as the “Friend Circle Support Groups.”  Joining this community allows single mothers to share useful information and discuss similar life situations that arise being a single mother.  CoAbode takes it a step further by arranging events in different communities allowing individuals to catch up with book clubs, shared interest groups and other gatherings.  A growing community, Friend Circle provides mother’s the opportunity to develop friendships and build meaningful relationships with one another, sharing tips and tools to make life easier.

Amongst all other perks of joining CoAbode, one of the most valuable may be the large database of resources. These resources vary in category and provide insight on both Housing and Counseling.  Providing government as well as non-profit programs that assist individuals in need, this comprehensive list of resources can provide families with great opportunities to receive financial and other forms of assistance.

Lastly, CoAbode has provided freedom for many single mothers emerging from abusive or troubled situations.  The house sharing program and Friend Circle Support has allowed for these individuals to transition into a healthier, more stable living environment and thrive with their children.

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