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Education grants are gifted funds provided to help individuals pay for college. Usually issued by the government, private or nonprofit organizations, education grants are a form of financial aid that never have to be repaid. These free funds provide many individuals with an opportunity to pursue passions that otherwise may not have been possible. This global organization is providing women and girls the opportunity to live their dreams.

Soroptomist Education Grant

Soroptimist distributes over $2 million in education grants to women all over the world. The cash award of up to $16,000 can be utilized towards any costs associated with the individual’s efforts to pursue higher education. This includes books, childcare, tuition, transportation and much more. Applications must be submitted between July 1 – November 15.

Many of the women who have received the Live Your Dreams Award have overcome hardships such as domestic violence, sexual assault, poverty, addiction or teen pregnancy. Soroptimist believes that “Education is the pathway to economically empowering women and girls.”

Statistics show that educated women are less likely to live in poverty, are able to raise stronger, healthier families and are able to access healthcare among many other positive aspects. Soroptimist’s investment in the female community has had an enormous impact on the lives of over 30,000 women:

  • 86% of recipients have earned or continued their education degree or certificate.
  • 72% of recipients who completed their degree or certification have secured a higher paying job.
  • 97% of recipients believe the award has helped to increase their self-esteem.

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Top Federal Grant Programs

While Soroptomist is just one Education Grant empowering women worldwide, the U.S. Department of Education provides several different federal grants to students. Check out the top major federal student grant programs.

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